Saturday, May 24, 2014

Knowledge Transfer Successful!

GeneaQuest: The Future is NOW! - May 17, 2014
Elgin Community College

Much was learned from Thomas MacEntee, our keynote speaker, about genealogy's future. The breakout sessions added to the attendees' knowledge base by covering various aspects of DNA, FlipPal and Picasa, Google, Family Search and Tree Maker. At lunch, Thomas MacEntee challenged guests to make better use of information we already have collected including our ancestors’ names, addresses and occupations. GeneaUs Bar "Genies" conducted table-top discussions on 18 different topics during the day, stretching the minds of Genies and members alike. Our eleven exhibitors provided participants with access to other societies, libraries and valuable genealogical materials. And, in the wrap up session, Thomas set the attendees out on their own GeneaQuest with his insightful remarks.

Early reports suggest the knowledge transfer was SUCCESSFUL!

Enjoy the video for a closer look of the day

Monday, May 12, 2014

GeneaQuest Syllabus Digitally Available

CAGGNI is going green!  

Download the GeneaQuest conference syllabus here

The 74-page syllabus is digitally available. Download it to your tablet or phone and bring it along with you to the conference.

Mother Nature thanks you.

GeneaQuest Guidebook App

Attention smartphone and tablet users 

GeneaQuest is proud to announce an area genealogy conference first - our conference Guidebook App.  It's like having the conference in your pocket!  

You can access the GeneaQuest schedule, speaker bios, exhibit hall maps, and much more.  Your GeneaQuest Guidebook is available here.  Use redemption code geneaquest2014 to get the GeneaQuest Guidebook guide.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Accomodations and Dining in the Elgin Area

One of the many nearby hotels

Several conference participants have asked about possible places to stay in the area as well as a spot to have dinner after the conference.  

We have prepared a list which you might find helpful. 

Just click on the Restaurants/Hotels tab at the top of the page and you will find a number of suggestions with addresses and telephone numbers. 

Walnut Speak Easy, Elgin

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Early Bird Registration Ends May 9

Early-bird registration ends tomorrow, May 9. If you still haven't registered now is the time....

with Thomas MacEntee
and CAGGNI presenters

Register now for CAGGNI's first ever day-long conference, GeneaQuest!  GeneaQuest 2014 features nationally-acclaimed geneablogger and genealogy-tech professional Thomas MacEntee.  Thomas's keynote address,Genealogy:The Future Is Now will present the programs, apps, and websites that are hot now and how you can prepare for the genealogy technology of the future.
In addition, Thomas will speak on The Power of... a Name, a Place and an Occupation at lunch and will wrap up the conference with Setting Out on Your GeneaQuest, a "town hall" discussion with actual genealogical research problems and collaboratively match them with available technologies.
Breakout sessions and computer labs featuring CAGGNI's own presenters Caron Primas Brennan, Nancy R. Thomas, John Stryker, Sandra Trapp and Michelle Bray Wilson will deep-dive into Genealogy Apps, Google Tools,, FamilySearch, Family Tree Maker, Genetic Genealogy, Picasa and Flip-Pal.

At conference break times, join us at GeneaQuest's exclusive GeneaUs Bar for informal discussion in your favorite genealogy or technology specialty area. Our "Genies," will lead discussions on a selection of niche genealogy and technology topics. Bring your "GeneaUs" to the table too.

Also, visit our exhibitor area to learn about area societies and libraries as well as find some unique genealogical items from our commercial vendors.

And, don't forget about the amazing raffle items (iPad, annual subscriptions to the best genealogy databases, and an individual research and personal written family history) and door prizes (more than 30). 

Visit our GeneaQuest page for complete program and speaker information and read more about the conference on our GeneaQuest blog.
The May 17, 2014, GeneaQuest: The Future is Now conference will be held at Elgin Community College building E.  Map.

Register NOW! before the registration fee increases.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

There's a Little GeneaUs in All of Us

Join us for our exclusive GeneaUs Bar 
cocktail table discussion forum 
on May 17. 2014 
at the 
Elgin Community College.

Over the course of the day, a total of eighteen individual GeneaUs Bar tables will be hosted by a "Genie," a CAGGNI member with specialized knowledge in the area of discussion. The GeneaUs Bar is created as a discussion forum for host and attendee rather than a lecture style session. And, since "There is a Little GeneaUs in All of Us," we know the true power is in the learning we receive from each other. 

As an additional benefit of participating in the GeneaUs Bar discussion groups, participants at each will receive a listing of resources the Genies have found most helpful.  

Share your "GeneaUs" with fellow attendees on May 17. 

There are only five days left to register at the early bird rate. Register NOW.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Setting Out on Your GeneaQuest

Very often, attending genealogy lectures at a one-day workshop or a genealogy conference can be overwhelming. Yes our heads are filled with ideas and we are inspired to go back and put the knowledge to use; yet how many of us will actually take what we’ve learned and apply it to our genealogy research?
So what can you do not only to turn learning into action, but also take up the goal of accessing more genealogy education – both online and in-person – in the future?

  • Ready to learn: Do you spend time putting yourself in “learn” and “absorb” mode before you attend a genealogy event or do you just show up? We’ll cover how you can make sure you’re ready for your best day of genealogy school ever!
  • Take note: You remember taking notes from high school or college, but are you aware of some of the latest technologies available for note taking?
  • Make a plan: We’ll cover two types of genealogy education plans: one which helps you plan out attendance at future conferences, workshops, institutes and even online webinars. The other will help you track concepts you’ve learned and set goals to put the learning into action.
  • Keep on learning: How can you stay on top of the upcoming options for genealogy education? Have you factored in webinars, podcasts, radio shows and even Google Hangouts? We’ll show you where to get the latest information and how to get notified via email of new offerings.
By attending GeneaQuest, at a basic level you are interested in expanding your genealogy experience and improving your research. So why not take up a lifelong quest to become more educated when it comes to genealogy and family history? Thomas MacEntee will show you how easy it is to always be on the receiving end of the best information that the genealogy community has to offer.